Helping you to manage your business support and inward investment needs, through one system. 

Whether you require a CRM system for Business Support or Inward Investment, we have designed a system with you in-mind. Complete with its own fully integrated microsite, you have the tools to unlock every part of your customer's journey. Capture business intelligence, manage and promote events, promote available property in your area, capture newsletter sign-ups and generate enquiries, all through one complete package.

Save time and money with a system designed especially for your business support and inward investment needs.
Business Support

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Fully integrated website

Use our fully integrated website to advertise your upcoming events, capture newsletter sign-ups and showcase all available property. No need for expensive workarounds or lost interactions, use one system that captures every part of your customer's journey.

Enquiry management

From grant applications to skills and employment, track and manage a range of business support projects tailored to you. Designed with your requirements in mind, log claims, record time and make referrals, all through one easy to use system. 

Manage your important relationships

A system designed to manage all of your business interactions, from business support enquiries to your day to day account management. Log all details through one system, set reminders and work smarter.

Showcase your commercial property

Manage, promote and track all available property through your website. Gain a full overview of enquiries, searches and desired investor preferences all at your fingertips. You can choose to manage your own property database or work with one of the preferred suppliers, visit their websites for more information on EGi and NovaLoca.

Market your services and grow

Create branded email campaigns, manage events and send surveys to your desired audience all through one system. Using your company and contact database each communication, response and click through is tracked allowing you to build a true timeline of all your interactions. Read More on how our system can help you market your service.

Reporting with a difference

Create reports that are specific to your KPI’s and Goals, with no limitations or restrictions all information captured, can be easily viewed in a range of reports. Schedule reports to be delivered directly to your inbox at a frequency that suits you. 

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