Leading online software for managing your public consultation projects.

The robust, secure and cost-effective public consultation software streamlines working processes by managing multiple projects through one system – whether for a large-scale infrastructure or smaller community-based development. Track concerns, connect with your community and create reports with a full overview. Clients include energy companies, PR agencies, planning organisations and Government enterprise departments.

If you’re looking to manage your stakeholders, our stakeholder engagement tool is for you; including straightforward management & communication, visualisation of key issues via stakeholder mapping and detailed analysis & reporting. Click here to see more

How to use software to implement public consultation & stakeholder engagement.

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Track concerns

Our system is designed to ensure you can track and tag all issues raised against each specific project.

Map your issues to track trends

Use the mapping facility to allow you to pinpoint key issues and track trends.

Connect with your community

Allow your community to provide feedback through your website that's integrated seamlessly into Tractivity.

Provide feedback on your planned developments

Send E-News and SMS to ensure all important updates are delivered on time, and in the right context.

Use surveys to identify and track perceptions and attitudes

Send surveys to your community through the system, making the process easy and fully reportable.

Create reports with a full overview

Easily build unlimited custom reports at any time​.

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