Leading UK-based stakeholder engagement software, helping you to build and manage better stakeholder relationships.

A stakeholder management system, designed to help you create better stakeholder relationships.

Log, engage and track issues, from your stakeholders through one system that is designed to manage your whole engagement process. From creating your stakeholder database to sending and recording all of your communications.

Have the flexibility to categorise your stakeholder's, tailor communications and target groups of stakeholder's based on their influence, interest and location.

Make your engagement process streamlined, with one system that is designed especially for all your engagement needs.
Stakeholder Management

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Identify, capture and categorise your stakeholders

Create profiles for each of your stakeholders, drill down their interests, influences and location. The flexibility to capture, categorise and target individuals and organisations that have a stake or interest in your project, all through your stakeholder software.

Pinpoint key issues and trends with mapping tools

Our stakeholder engagement software has its own built-in mapping facility. Pinpoint key issues and track trends and prioritise your issues by creating set boundaries.

Integrate with your website

Make it easier for stakeholders to reach your organisation with forms embedded on your website, seamlessly integrated with your stakeholder management system. Collect information that is important to you and your engagement process, saving you time and resources.

Land parcels

Each and every stakeholder captured inside your stakeholder management system can be viewed on an interactive map. Target stakeholders based on their occupied addresses rather than their categorisations. Draw boundaries and target your audience, with ease.

Channel communications direct from your system

Whether you are informing, consulting or collaborating, use one system to capture, target and record all your communications from SMS Messages, E-newsletters, Letter Mail Merge, Event Management and Surveys. You’ll have full visibility of every part of your engagement process allowing you to build better relationships with your stakeholders.

Report throughout your engagement process

Review your engagement process at any time with unlimited and custom built report suite. Provide informative updates to management and third parties with scheduled reports and email subscriptions on a basis that suits you.

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