How to effectively multitask as a stakeholder engagement manager

How to effectively multitask as a stakeholder engagement manager

If your role as a stakeholder engagement manager means you are responsible for maintaining and promoting a good working relationship with external stakeholders, organisations, agencies and even internal employees, we believe that multi-tasking effectively is the key to help you ensure each working day is a success, but that the right stakeholder management tool will make this possible.

After 22 years of iterative improvement based on direct feedback from our customers we’ve learnt a thing or two about what a stakeholder management system needs to meet your organisational  goals.

Here are some of the specific ways that Tractivity, which is built specifically for stakeholder engagement managers, can help.

Your task: Strategic leadership of stakeholder engagement

There’s never a dull day as a stakeholder engagement manager but at present, you might find that your time is taken up with several painful admin activities. Because third-party tools like Survey Monkey, Dotmailer and Eventbrite add unneeded complexity to your project, as they aren’t connected to the rest of your data you can feel stuck – not only do you have reduced data security, but you also have hours of  manpower needed to create things like events, emails, surveys and letters – never mind the reporting headache afterwards!

Couple this will the need to attend town hall meetings, create website updates and reports, this can really add a layer of frustration to your day.

Tractivity offers all your communication tools in one place. Because it is built for stakeholder engagement this means when you use Tractivity you can not only stop paying for add on tech but you have the confidence that the communication software is built to work seamlessly together. With surveys, all the answers live with the rest of your intel. It’s the same with our easy to use email system. All your campaigns are tracked down to an individual level, and with our events tool – you can see precisely who has been seen, when, and what the outcome was. This could save days in pulling out multiple reports from various systems!

Your task: Working in partnership with external stakeholder and other organisations

Maybe as a stakeholder engagement manager you work with Senior Local Authority officers or those in business support, or perhaps an external agency.  If you are the key point of contact for key external stakeholders in the escalation of issues that may impact on the reputation and delivery of contracts it’s critical that you can engage all these parties and keep a track of every interaction however big or small.

This is where Tractivity can help. Instead of having information scattered across multiple spreadsheets, inboxes or scribbled on sticky notes – your stakeholder management system will bring everything your project needs all under one roof so it is organised, centralised and clear. This means everyone can see who knows who, what they say, how they feel about certain issues and what conversations your team has had with them in the past. Anyone who’s working on a project, or part of a team, will have access to the same set of files so no one has to ask anyone else where something is. You will also be able to organise and categorise information by sentiment, highlight the crucial part of any email, article, letter or survey response and match it to an issue related to your project. 

Your task: Driving appropriate internal discussion and recommendations / Mitigating risks to successful contract delivery.

We bet you need to pull information from your entire project and summarise key activity all times of day and night. This can be a full-time job in itself – but not with Tractivity. Our system allows any stakeholder engagement manager to schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports, and send it to any inbox, and you can quickly create a report whenever you’re asked for one, allowing you to start the right discussions and steer you well clear of risks.

Your task: Arranging and attendance at meetings

Whilst software won’t help remove these meetings from your own calendar – our event tool can help you manage and create your own events. From sending branded invitations, targeting specific contacts and even setting your event capacity the system does the hard work and you simply sit back and watch the invitation responses update in real-time and you can still be hands on – with the ability to  promote, resend and review your attendee list every step of the way.

When your event is drawing near, you can  create branded name badges, sign in sheets and delegate lists all in a few simple clicks and update the attendee list after your event.  The system automatically creates an action against each attendee so there is no need for any tedious admin tasks or workarounds as you will have all your intelligence stored in one system.

Your task: Management of complaints across projects

Managing external complaints is a key area for stakeholder management. Tractivity is truly project agnostic thanks to Shared Projects,  allowing you to share contacts between any project you have. If you work with similar stakeholders across multiple projects this will allow you to pick up real stakeholder intelligence that will allow you to reap the benefits. Whilst we can’t make the complaints any easier to read, you can easily transform your data into a downloadable PDF report that’s printed or emailed to the relevant parties, and you have the peace of mind that every issue has been logged safely and securely inside Tractivity.

Your task: Leading on the development of external relationships

Understanding stakeholders and building relationships is surely a key part of your role.

Our global search function allows Tractivity to help you get a real view of each stakeholder, even if it’s been years since your last engagement. You can use our search tool to quickly scan through any area of Tractivity using a wide range of criteria – from names, companies, project titles or documents to quickly get information you need and ensure that you never put a foot wrong. Combined with Tractivity’s location mapping tool which allows you to view the location of all stakeholders, organisations and any issues raised in just a few clicks.

We hope you will agree that the right tools can have a significant impact on the success of your stakeholder management workload. Why not take a demo and see specifically how it can work for your business?

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