Tractivity version release v5.5.2

Tractivity version release v5.5.2

We have now released v5.5.2 of Tractivity. On top of a few of minor bug fixes and enhancements we’ve added a series of new additions that continue to drive Tractivity forward as the leading UK-based Stakeholder Management software provider.

Our customers told us that it took too many clicks to reach contact information when viewing an activity or enquiry so in v5.5.2 we’ve streamlined the process so that all contact information is available on the enquiry screen. In addition, we’ve also made Tractivity much faster at recording email activities that are sent through the system. These small changes will increase efficiencies for the user.

We’re particularly excited about the new ability to add activity to Microsoft Outlook from within Tractivity. You can quickly and easily book a meeting, phone call or follow up with your stakeholders inside of the system. This will save you having to switch between Tractivity and Outlook all day long and leave you confident in the fact they are always in sync.

You can now access and download attachments that are attached to an activity in just a few clicks. All activities will now display the paperclip if attachments have been added and you’ll be given the option to view or download.

Our international customers will be able to set up International Mode which uses Google to search for a full address in a single text box. Integration with Google Places means that we now offer international address facilities for clients based outside of the UK. With thanks for the Google Places API you can still use mapping coordinates as part of the area searches within Tractivity.

Summary of key changes:

  • Display Contact Information Against Enquiries and Activities (telephone numbers)
    • View Enquiry
    • View Contact Activity          
    • View Enquiry Activity
  • Improved the speed of activity creation for Distribution List Emails
  • Add Activity To Outlook
  • Smart Mailer renamed to ‘Mailshots’
  • Activity Attachment Paperclips – Can now download attachments directly from the Activity List
  • Contact Stakeholder Category – has been made system configurable

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