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Changing the landscape for Stakeholder Engagement

The stakeholder management and consultation software designed to improve stakeholder engagement and deliver better results.

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Delivering impact, however vast the landscape

Stakeholders are central to any project or consultation that focus on delivering impact and sustainable outcomes.
We are here to support you in ensuring that your stakeholders become part of your organisation and projects.

About Our Software
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A single stakeholder management software system

Centralise your stakeholder database and understand your stakeholders with the touch of a button.
With Tractivity you can manage all your stakeholder engagement in one place. Tractivity has a complete range of features that supports stakeholder engagement best practices, so you can deliver unrivalled reporting and more meaningful engagements.


Unified contacts database

Eliminate the use of multiple spreadsheets, communication and reporting tools. Centralise all your contacts information and engagement history in a single source of truth and easily access all your contacts' data.


Stakeholder Mapping

Categorise stakeholders by influence/interest levels, relationships, and more, with the ability to track and filter feedback and engagements. Pre-built reports are available to output all information in a range of views.


Communication Campaigns

Target your stakeholders with branded newsletter campaigns and keep your audience informed. Reach stakeholders by location or category-based filters and deliver unlimited and personalised tracked emails.


Multi-project Management

Easily manage all stakeholders and engagements across multiple projects. User access can be configured to allow a user to gain access to as many projects as permitted giving them vital insights at their fingertips.


Interactive Dashboards

Use a range of built-in dashboards to provide a clear view of all KPI outputs relative to your projects. See trends over time as your project evolved and deep link into the granular data behind the summary graph.


GDPR Compliance

Manage stakeholders’ subscriptions with ease. All opt-ins and unsubscribes are tracked automatically. Restrictions ensure you only communicate with stakeholders that requested that communication, keeping you compliant.

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Improve your outcomes with Tractivity

Designed with stakeholders at its core, Tractivity is a powerful software system that enables you to manage every aspect of your consultation and stakeholder engagement activities. Effectively map, engage, understand, and deliver compelling insights and improved outcomes. No matter what type or how many projects you’re running.

Map and organise

Know your stakeholders to the detail.

Create comprehensive profiles of all individuals and organisations that are stakeholders within your project. Map their affiliations to better understand their interest and influence but also keep a close eye on what they are saying.

Produce real-time location-specific reports using Google Maps to evidence the ever-growing stakeholder landscape and the potential issues being raised.

construction worker on background and google maps stakeholder mapping screenshot

Engage and listen

Engaging communication is vital to your stakeholders and your business.

Sending the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time is crucial. Ensure engagement plans are developed based on your stakeholder mapping for key individuals and stakeholder groups. Link tasks and objectives to team members and avoid any oversights.

Tractivity provides a complete range of media tools including surveys, emails. SMS and event management to help you target your audiences. Record all feedback received to demonstrate you are listening and to strengthen relationships.

healthcare worker and patient background with tractivity system screen front

Analyse and improve

Unlock insights to help you make better decisions.

Track and monitor all the progress made by the team. Gain access to real-time reporting that helps you understand the changes in your stakeholder relationships, spot those that aren’t well engaged and track those voices that need to be listened to.

From highly customised at-a-glance visual graphs to detailed data reports, Tractivity makes it easier to drill into the data collected. Allowing you to track trends, spot changes in attitude and help you prioritise your everyday activities across the team.

office worker on background and tractivity stakeholder mapping and graphs examples
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Empower your organisation to deliver impact.

Shift your stakeholder management and consultations from manual interventions to an improvement in efficiency by 20%.
Tractivity brings clarity to your stakeholder landscape so you can focus on creating impact.

Using multiple tools

multiple tools Spend hours managing stakeholder data among different sources

multiple tools Use over 5 different communication tools with no integration between platforms

multiple tools No record of the levels of stakeholder engagement and engagement performance

multiple tools Difficulty to control users access and edit levels

multiple tools No data security or data protection regulations

multiple tools Lack of insights and reporting

multiple tools Fragmented consultation process

Using Tractivity

tractivity Centralise and organise all stakeholder data in one system and free up time

tractivity Manage emails, SMS, surveys, invites and more all in an intuitive custom-tailored tool

tractivity Have a full perspective of all engagements, analyse issues by influence and sentiment

tractivity Easily assign access levels per module and project

tractivity Use a system that's 100% GDPR compliant

tractivity Use dashboards and reports to unlock powerful insights

tractivity Unified source of all consultation engagement

See Tractivity In Action

“Tractivity allows us to easily work on projects from beginning to end with clear visibility at each point. It is designed specifically for stakeholder engagement which is why it’s the best tool for EDF.”

Immy Sibley
EDF Energy


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