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Welcome to Engage-360 Powered by Tractivity.

Tractivity understands that engaging surveys can make or break a new project and that meaningful feedback is fundamental to a successful consultation process.

Tractivity's new survey portal gives you the confidence that you will not only deliver engaging surveys but that they form part of a 360-degree process.

Engage-360 is a cloud-based survey tool, allowing you to:

  • Design surveys in a quick and easy manner
  • Publish and update surveys quickly and easily with a unique URL for each one
  • Track survey responses by location
  • Report easily from within Tractivity
  • Communicate survey results rapidly to your Stakeholders

All this is now possible within the Tractivity system, meaning you can deliver engaging surveys across your Stakeholder landscape and have the peace of mind that your engagement evidence is recorded safe and secure within Tractivity.

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