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The single source of truth for all stakeholder management & engagement.
Tractivity's complete set of features will help you deliver impact.
Deliver a 360° engagement process with Engage-360, Tractivity's engagement portal.
Our onboarding process and ongoing customer support.
Understand your stakeholder relationships with Tractivity's stakeholder mapping module.
Reach the people that matter to you with Tractivity and Mapolitical.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Support patient involvement and work effectively with a wide-ranging number of stakeholders.
Build local community trust and support positive outcomes across multiple projects.
Efficiently engage with all your stakeholders across a range of projects and public consultation.
Manage and build long-term relationships with stakeholders and within communities.
Effectively manage and listen to your stakeholders and show them they are being heard.
Understand what makes your institution unique and support its growth.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Read our customer success stories and discover how our clients are delivering impact with Tractivity.
Attend the UK's only event fully dedicated to Stakeholder Engagement & Management.
Helpful tips, guides and articles about stakeholder engagement, project management and more.
Thought-provoking views and helpful insights from engagement experts on stakeholder engagement.
Free guides, whitepapers, templates and more to help you deliver sustainable outcomes.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Tickets available! Save your spot and join us at the Stakeholder Engagement Event of the year.
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Engage-360 engagement portal

Meaningful feedback is fundamental to a successful project or consultation process. Bring your events and surveys engagement to a new level with Engage-360, Tractivity's complete engagement portal.

Engage-360 Tractivity portal

Discover Engage-360 Engagement Portal, Tractivity’s powerful engagement tool.

Boost your stakeholder engagement and your brand awareness with Engage-360, our fully branded online platform. Enable your stakeholders to take part in surveys, register for events, and allow them to raise their grievances and issues of all kinds.

All information is automatically captured within Tractivity so you have complete control and can respond accordingly.

Engage-360 Engagement Portal gives you the confidence that you will not only deliver engaging surveys and events but that they form part of a 360-degree process.

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Engage-360 summary

Create engaging surveys 

Engage-360 is a cloud-based survey tool that allows you to:

  • Design surveys in a simple manner
  • Publish and update surveys quickly
  • Easily share your survey URL across your website, email, social media
  • Track survey responses by location
  • Report easily from within Tractivity
  • Communicate survey results rapidly to your Stakeholders

Deliver engaging surveys across your stakeholder landscape and have the peace of mind that your engagement evidence is automatically recorded securely within Tractivity. 

Engage-360 engaging surveys

Promote your events

Streamline your events management with Engage-360:

  • Create events with support documents, images and links
  • Showcase multiple events in one single place
  • Promote events on social media, website and Eventbrite
  • Enable registration and automatically send confirmation emails
  • Allow stakeholders outside your database to register and attend
  • Automatically record all new contacts' details into your Tractivity database
  • Easily analyse attendance and feedback within Tractivity

Reach an audience beyond the stakeholders you already engage with. Engage-360 supports your events' success.

Engage-360 promote events

Engage-360 my account area 

Provide stakeholders with an overview of their engagement with your organisation. With the account area, users can:

  • Easily create an account after registering for an event
  • Have a complete view of all events registered and surveys completed
  • Update details and events attendance
  • Register for new events quickly 

Encourage stakeholders recurrent attendance and participation in your surveys by providing them with a clear view of their engagement history.

Engage-360 my account

Deliver a 360° engagement process and set your consultation or project up for success.

By using Tractivity Engage-360 you will be able to manage Consultations, Stakeholders and Communications of all sizes delivering clarity across your stakeholder network and peace of mind that all your engagement evidence is recorded safely and securely. 
Create a fully branded experience
Engage-360 enables you to design a portal that’s completely aligned with your organisation's branding. This will not only help increase your brand awareness but will also help build trust with your stakeholders.
Streamline surveys and events management
No more surveys in one tool and events in another. Centralise all your events and surveys in one place and simplify the way you communicate them to your stakeholders by sharing a single link to all activities.
Increase attendance and participation
Our portal makes it simple for stakeholders to be notified of upcoming surveys and events as well as search for the ones that are relevant to them. Users can select the ones they wish to attend and get quickly registered.

We work closely with our customers and stakeholders providing them with the opportunities to comment and give feedback on our business plans and services using Engage-360.

Tractivity allows us to manage our activity in one place ensuring our consented stakeholders' details are managed in a comprehensive and effective way.

Susan Duncan
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks


See Engage-360 in action

Learn how Tractivity + Engage-360 can take your engagement activities to the next level. Book a personalised demo with us.


Engage-360 portal

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