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With Tractivity's stakeholder management platform comes clarity from one system. Read more to find out how our cloud-based platform can help your stakeholder engagement and consultation projects. If improved stakeholder consultations and outcomes matter to your organisation, then we're here to help you engage, manage and deliver compelling insights and improved outcomes across your entire stakeholder landscape.

Engaging consultations

When you engage with Tractivity you get access to the most up to date, relevant and practical tools to deliver impactful communications all from one system.

Run successful engagement projects from start to finish with all the tools in one system. Our cloud-based platform helps you continually monitor your entire stakeholder landscape bringing the clarity you need.

Our platform is designed to help you engage and capture every interaction. The system enables you to create engaging content, whether advertising your upcoming events, producing and publishing newsletters, managing sign-ups or showcasing success stories.

Tractivity gives you the tools to be creative, engaging, and to communicate your success.

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Listening to your stakeholders

Demonstrating you are listening to your Stakeholders is powerful; showing you are acting on what they say is invaluable.

We understand that to listen well is a powerful means of communication and influence. We also understand the frustration and difficulty which can creep into your relationships when communications are fragmented.

The system gives you the confidence to actively listen and respond, making it easy for you to group and track emerging sentiments and respond accordingly, allowing you to manage potential issues before they arise.

Tractivity makes it easier for you to listen.  Contact us to learn how we can help you


Understanding driven from one platform

Understanding how and when your stakeholders like to be communicated with enables you to foster more meaningful engagements.

Using separate tools to communicate with your stakeholders can quickly lead to fragmented engagement, a lack of understanding and a loss of opportunity and advantage.

Tractivity manages all your engagements in one system, digital and non-digital, helping you to understand and see with more clarity.

Our smart dashboard gives you the power to quickly and easily analyse all your engagements across all your Engagement Channels. 

The platform allows you to prioritise and tag your respondees sentiments and issues giving you visibility against your Key Performance Indicators and the confidence to engage and demonstrate real understanding to drive positive change.

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Delivering stakeholder consultation 

Tractivity captures all your stakeholder interactions delivering powerful insights.

Legislation and GDPR compliance demand transparent process and reporting capabilities. Our cloud-based platform delivers you peace of mind, enabling compliance and effective reporting from across your entire network. 

Geo-positioning and socio-demographic data delivers enhanced segmentation modelling and stakeholder mapping, leading to an enriched understanding of your stakeholders.

All email addresses go through stringent checks before being sent by Tractivity Smart Mailer. They are format, domain and recipient checked for complete peace of mind. Tractivity automates your communication GDPR preferences allowing your respondees to choose their communication options and you to store their consent details for auditing purposes.

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