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Mapolitical political asset & stakeholder mapping

Tractivity’s partner Mapolitical provides powerful political mapping communications in UK public affairs.

Reach the people that matter to you with Tractivity and Mapolitical.

In a world of information overload, reaching and engaging with the most important people about a specific programme or project can be extremely difficult. 

Being able to find, maintain and target a list of high influence political stakeholders such as MPs and Councillors or media contacts can be both challenging and time-consuming with data frequently becoming out-of-date.

We want our clients to be able to reach the right person at the right time. That is why Tractivity has joined in partnership with Mapolitical, one of the UK’s leading political and media data sources, to integrate the accurate Mapolitical data directly into the Tractivity SRM system.

The Mapolitical integration benefits

Automate data imports Seamlessly import information into the Tractivity system across a range of political and media contacts. From MPs, councillors, parish clerks and devolved parliamentarians to news desks for papers, radio or TV and many more.
Get specific with location Drill down into any UK location and import the stakeholders that are relevant to you. This could be data from within a set of defined boundary areas, a particular road or rail route or even data contained within a manually drawn area.
Unlock real-time updated data Ensure that your data remains up-to-date. Mapolitical employs researchers to update their data on a daily basis - as stakeholders change jobs or are elected this information will be automatically updated for you within Tractivity each night.
Categorise effectively Automatically group each set of stakeholders by category so you can easily identify whom you need to reach. Communicate via email, newsletter, or SMS directly from Tractivity, ensuring that you deliver the right information at the right time.
Monitor engagement Track all communications against each contact directly within Tractivity. Everyone within the team will have a clear and up-to-date view of what’s been discussed, any feedback received and what actions have been agreed upon.

Mapolitical is used across many sectors, including:

Utilities • Infrastructure • Government • Transportation • NHS • Aviation 

Example of stakeholders identified with Mapolitical

3325.8Km² (1284.1

Number of identified stakeholders

  • 10 MPs
  • 272 Councillors
  • 253 Parish/Community Council Clerks & additional Senior Council Officers
mapolitical mapping example 1

If keeping on top of political or media data is relevant for your team, our Mapolitical integration is the best solution.

This partnership is the result of our commitment to our client base and the feedback we receive.
Contact us to learn how you can leverage the Mapolitical benefits to improve your public affairs strategy.

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