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Track, record and connect with your community.
Tractivity gives you the tools to deliver a consistent approach to Stakeholder Engagement from your organisation across your Stakeholder landscape.

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Configuration tailored to your needs

Tractivity does the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

The Tractivity team will work alongside your in-house experts to configure the system to meet your needs. Or, if you're starting from scratch, we can recommend and build your system based around your project requirements.


Powerful insights delivered

Tractivity delivers clarity by bringing together the tools you need to engage:

  • Dynamic Surveys from Engage-360 Powered by Tractivity
  • Mailbox and Calendar integration
  • SMS, Twitter and Facebook
  • Plus a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) allowing the integration of other systems data into Tractivity

Create powerful, engaging reports to show your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Tractivity is designed and built to deliver clarity and insight, summarise key data through interactive dashboards and deliver tailored data reports.

Woman looking at reports generated by Tractivity’s Stakeholder Management Software.

Digital mapping with socio-demographic overlays

Tractivity gives you the power to get personal.

Giving you the benefit of understanding your Stakeholders at a more granular level, allowing you to communicate based on precise needs.  

Tractivity allows you to add postcode or Google maps location data, then overlay this with socio-demographic data. This powerful combination provides the ability to segment your Stakeholder communications more effectively, giving you the benefit of detailed segment analysis.

Digital map to represent the stakeholder landscape

Event management

Tractivity automates your event management processes, taking away the hassle and freeing up vital time and resources.

By ensuring attention to detail across invitation, response management and attendee requirements, Tractivity takes the stress out of delivering successful events.

During your event: Tractivity can be used to capture and coordinate vital feedback for reporting and ongoing communications which delivers clarity back into your overall Stakeholder engagement programme.

People walking round a trade shop to represent event management

Interactive and dynamic surveys

Engage-360 powered by Tractivity delivers improved survey engagement.

Tractivity is transforming the way our clients engage with Stakeholders. With our interactive and dynamic survey tools you can build, publish, manage, analyse and provide feedback all in one place.

Our online survey portal is a powerful addition to the Tractivity platform.

Man and woman during consultation

Accurately search and engage with politicians and officers

Find, maintain and target a list of high influence political and media stakeholders.

Tractivity's new partnership with Mapolitical, one of the UK's leading political and media data sources, allows you to map and communicate with MPs, Councillors, Officers and Media contacts, down to street level. 

Learn More About Mapolitical

Mapolitical Social 2a

Smarter issue management

Tractivity brings understanding from your Stakeholder landscape, better than ever before.

Designed to ensure all feedback is captured and correctly assigned, enabling improved planning, informed policies, programmes and services. 

Tractivity's range of data capture tools allows you to manage and report on the main issues affecting your Stakeholders so you can act fast and demonstrate engagement on the matters that make a difference.

Aerial view of residential neighborhood

Manage and automate GDPR compliance 

Tractivity gives you the assurance that your GDPR responsibilities are met.

Tractivity allows your Stakeholders to choose their communication preferences then stores their consent details for auditing purposes in line with GDPR. 

European flag in binary numbers to represent GDPR compliance

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