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The stakeholder engagement software trusted by the NHS

Tractivity's leading solution is helping many Healthcare organisations effectively manage stakeholder relationships and deliver improved outcomes.

Tractivity is the ideal tool to work effectively with a wide-ranging number of stakeholders.

From executives, partners and staff to carers and patients, managing and engaging with stakeholders in the Health sector is a complex task.

Health organisations require solutions that are reliable and able to provide enterprise-grade safe environments to manage sensitive data. Moreover, the need to communicate with multiple groups of stakeholders about different topics and in distinct periods of time is crucial to building positive relationships. 

At Tractivity, we recognise the constant changes happening in the Health sector, and we are supporting many Health organisations, including the NHS, to efficiently adapt to them. Our software platform provides a safe and unique data management and communications solution for partners and stakeholders alike.

Tractivity brings practical value to solve problems, deliver understanding, engage staff and the wide stakeholder audience across multiple organisations.

Map your stakeholders

Tractivity makes it easy to record all types of stakeholders. Whether you're wanting to engage with staff internally, to consulting with the local community, members, media or citizens panels.

Tailor the information you wish to capture about your stakeholders,  whether this be specific demographics, location based, relationship or preferred communication preferences, you will have the ability to select what information is right for you and your organisation.


Manage internal and external communication

Inform and engage with your staff, patients, partners and the wider community.

With a complete range of communication tools, from surveys, newsletters to invitations to event forums, you can share information with key audiences based on the programmes and services they are interested in. 


Support your work programmes and services

Record and analyse all comments, ideas, issues and contributions and use the valuable feedback to help shape your programmes, services and projects. 

Continually evaluate your engagement processes to build relationships and deliver better outcomes.

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Supporting the COVID19 Vaccine Programme

Tractivity has been commissioned by The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals to manage all the internal communication from their lead vaccine centre across multiple organisations in the North East.

Our system is being used to both update segmented audiences and to provide a single repository of information on what events/briefings any stakeholders have attended. All issues raised are collated to help deliver better outcomes both internally and externally. The programme managers and board are kept informed on the progression of issues with Tractivity's reporting and dashboards system.

With all staff vaccinated and a high engagement throughout the community, the vaccine rollout has been a huge success for Newcastle. 

Newcastle attributes its success to the full understanding and reporting on their stakeholders, and to logging data properly into Tractivity's fit for purpose, fully GDPR compliant tool.

We're supporting a wide variety of NHS organisations, such as The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust, by: 

  • Providing a suite of communications and stakeholder engagement tools, all in one system;
  • Co-ordinating communications across multiple stakeholders;
  • Capturing critical issues;
  • Collating sentiments from impacted stakeholders;
  • Providing a suite of reporting tools to ensure accurate reporting. and KPI monitoring;
  • Providing optimal data security and GDPR compliance.

Healthcare organisations who trust Tractivity

Our strategic adviser, Sir Ian Carruthers OBE

Tractivity has appointed Sir Ian Carruthers OBE as an experienced strategic adviser to the NHS.

“I’m pleased to be able to work with a company like Tractivity, a platform committed to supporting better communications and stakeholder engagement in the NHS. It is my belief that the move toward the ICS model will only be successful with good stakeholder engagement and Tractivity can add real value to this


"With so many stakeholders to engage with, it’s important we have a robust platform in place to ensure we can engage with people in the right way, at the right time. Tractivity ensures we are continually evaluating our engagement processes so we can build positive relationships and maximise our communication activity.”

Rebecca Goodhand
Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board



“We had Tractivity up and running so quickly, with a great onboarding experience and so simple to use. The system is keeping us engaged with all our stakeholders and improving our understanding of the issues that matter to us”.

Priya Beeharry
NHS West Hertfordshire Hospitals




" To keep track of all the comments, ideas, issues and contributions related to our projects, we are rolling out Tractivity as our choice for a flexible database and stakeholder management tool. We aim to capture and work with the views and ideas of our local population as we deliver healthcare to them now and as we plan for the future.”

Roberta Fuller
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust


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Supporting better outcomes for the Health sector

Tractivity can support your stakeholder management needs and help you achieve sustained positive outcomes. Book a personalised demo with us.


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