Get More from Your Branded Email Campaigns

Get More from Your Branded Email Campaigns

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When we first introduce a system, many think that Smart Mailer isn’t for them. The name itself leaves many puzzled but in its simplest form, it allows you to send branded and targeted emails directly from your system straight to your audience. You may think that this part of the system is designed for the creation and sending of monthly newsletters, but you’re wrong it does much more. Whether you wish to promote an offer or event, share news and updates, tell a story, then sending a branded email is the best place to head.

One system, one cost 

You may feel that alternative providers that solely deliver email marketing campaigns may be better suited for your requirements and we are not here to tell you otherwise. Our system is simply an alternative and different approach, that provides relief from the tedious copy and pasting and need to use and pay for multiple providers and software. Using one system for all your needs.

Delivering the right message to right people at the right time has never been easier. Simply add your content, choose your audience and schedule your delivery. You don’t need to press another button as an activity will automatically be generated against each of your targeted contacts, straight inside your CRM system.

Build a timeline of all your engagement

Viewing a contact and seeing a complete timeline of activities, from events, newsletters and meetings all in one place are invaluable. Many times, an email campaign or email message can be the missing jigsaw, having the flexibility to see both the content and their statistics holds a wealth of intelligence.

Whether you measure the success of your branded email campaign from the open rates or the relationships that are formed from the information you have shared, whatever your goal or set an ambition for your next branded email campaign, ask yourself would having all the information stored in one system help you achieve, analyse and grow further.

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