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The single source of truth for all stakeholder management & engagement.
Tractivity's complete set of features will help you deliver impact.
Deliver a 360° engagement process with Engage-360, Tractivity's engagement portal.
Our onboarding process and ongoing customer support.
Understand your stakeholder relationships with Tractivity's stakeholder mapping module.
Reach the people that matter to you with Tractivity and Mapolitical.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Support patient involvement and work effectively with a wide-ranging number of stakeholders.
Build local community trust and support positive outcomes across multiple projects.
Efficiently engage with all your stakeholders across a range of projects and public consultation.
Manage and build long-term relationships with stakeholders and within communities.
Effectively manage and listen to your stakeholders and show them they are being heard.
Understand what makes your institution unique and support its growth.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Read our customer success stories and discover how our clients are delivering impact with Tractivity's support.
Helpful tips, guides and articles about stakeholder engagement, project management and more.
Free guides, whitepapers, templates and more to help you deliver sustainable outcomes.


Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

Why Choose Tractivity

Tractivity has been designed and built from the ground up to give you the necessary tools to excel in your role and communicate more efficiently within your stakeholder network.

Learn more about Tractivity and our complete features and benefits! 


The leading stakeholder management system

Whether you’re streamlining your stakeholder engagement, researching the market, improving your processes or in need of rationalising your software portfolio, Tractivity is the system for all your stakeholder management needs.

Discover all the benefits you can get when using Tractivity to support your stakeholder engagement and management activities.

Improve your stakeholder relationships and deliver sustainable outcomes with Tractivity.

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