Tractivity is the UK’s leading stakeholder management tool. Manage and engage with your stakeholders through one complete system.

Do you currently use multiple tools to manage stakeholder interaction? You’re aware of how difficult it is to have a clear picture of all of the engagements you have with your stakeholders. A lack of joined-up thinking and fragmented communication creates endless missed opportunities.

Manage every aspect of your stakeholder engagement or consultation process, from creating your stakeholder database to building, sending and tracking communications.

Avoid the extra expense and complexities of running multiple software applications; we’ll provide you with a 360-degree view of your communications, through one complete stakeholder management system.

One System designed for all your stakeholder engagement and consultation management needs.

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Capture, Categorise and Communicate with your Stakeholders

Create detailed stakeholder profiles and define them by their interests, influences and location. Furthermore, your system will come complete with a range of communication tools, including mass emailing, surveys and an SMS messaging service. 

Target, View and Analyse Stakeholder Engagement by Location

Is location key to your project? Quickly create land parcels to dissect data based on a stakeholder location. In a few clicks, view the location of all stakeholders, organisations and any issues raised.

Easily View all your Stakeholder Interactions

Create a clear picture of your stakeholder relationships. Remove repetitive administration tasks, view emails, meetings, phone calls, survey responses, newsletters and issues, to allow you more time to build better stakeholder relationships.

Simple but Effective Surveys

Generate powerful surveys straight from your stakeholder management system. You’ll no longer have to cut and paste data from one system to another. Simply add your questions, sit back and wait for Tractivity to collect and analyse your replies.

View, Manage and Analyse all of your Stakeholder Issues Easily

Highlight key issues and attach sentiment to comments made by your stakeholders. Review issues in an intelligent and easy-to-retrieve manner, via a range of parameters such as influences, project phase and sentiment.

Simple Stakeholder Management Reporting

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports, delivered directly to any inbox. Allowing you to provide thorough updates to management and third parties at every stage of your engagement process.

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