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A great relationship with stakeholders can really help your projects run smoothly, so investing time and energy in your stakeholder relationship can help you really reap the benefits.

Email is likely to be one of the areas where you will be able to tailor a message directly to stakeholders, and it's one channel where we could all use a refresher.

We caught up with Victoria Adamson, Client Relationship Manager at Tractivity, to get her view. Victoria works with hundreds of clients and has an in-depth knowledge of how to best gain traction through email.

Use imagery

As you may know, many studies have shown that content accompanied by an image not only influences readers to read the content but can also improve how much information they retain. I always recommend using a format that includes lots of relevant images.

Follow your stakeholder maps

When choosing a tone for your stakeholder newsletter, keep your demographics and stakeholder map in mind. You will have already segmented the stakeholders down into their interest levels, so cut back on information that won't be of interest to them and ensure that your tone matches their sentiment. This could be conversational, to the point, engaging or professional. You want to ensure that if they have serious concerns that they are receiving something that speaks to that, rather than a warmer toned email you might reserve for stakeholders with lower interest or influence on the project or consultation.

Keep it really simple

Check your language for jargon or industry terminology and remove as much as you can without diluting the message, and use bullet points to highlight key areas.

Make it personal

As humans, we love stories and are compelled to read them. Seek out opportunities to create stories from similar stakeholders or previous projects with similarities that can explain and reassure.

Embed videos where relevant

Research has shown that using the word video in your email subject line boosts CTRs by 65% and open rates by 19%. Just like pictures, videos make the newsletter more interesting and reader-friendly. They are also a great way of communicating information that may be more complex.

Always include a CTA

A call to action is how you initiate action and even if you have no requirements as of yet, it's still really beneficial to gauge interest levels by creating some form of a call to action, whether that's a move to a social media platform or to give feedback on the email itself. Take any opportunity you can to get more understanding of your stakeholder as individuals.

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