4 Tips For Managing Multiple Stakeholder Projects

4 Tips For Managing Multiple Stakeholder Projects

Dealing with multiple stakeholders is something every stakeholder engagement manager has to learn to juggle, especially in a public business.

Whilst internal stakeholders can cause plenty of trouble on their own, if you have a mix of customers, community groups, political parties, activist’s business partners and agencies all interested in your multiple projects and wanting their voice heard, you need a strategy to make it through the working week feeling like you are making progress.

We develop stakeholder management software that allows you to put your world in order. All your stakeholder engagement activities communication and insights live in one place, easily accessed by any team member.

Reports are auto-scheduled to arrive when and where they are needed. Surveys and email blasts are sent from one place, events can be created in minutes.

However, asides from using a stakeholder management software - which will really improve your efficiency - how else can you support yourself (and keep your sanity)?


When dealing with multiple stakeholders – plan for success

When you have multiple stakeholders, you need to have a plan that takes you through from the initial stakeholder identification to how they are affected by your business. 

You will also need to plan how to maintain ethical standards and offer transparency in your communications.

Be Inclusive and make sure you research your stakeholders correctly making sure local organisations, resident groups, faith communities alike have been identified. 

In addition, categorise by interest and influence. Identify and categorise all your stakeholders using a mapping chart to manage how, where and when you should communicate with them.

There are plenty of online resources to help you analyse stakeholders and matrix grids to help divide them up.

This is the cornerstone of your success and will help reduce the massive overwhelm of knowing who to contact and when.

Here are some of our top resources:

Create an editorial calendar

Editorial calendars are used in marketing and communications to help you see at a glance, and also in detail, some of the communications you are sending, when and why.

Not only does this bring you clarity, but it also helps to create trust in your activities when you have a clear showcase of events that you can share with anyone.

Here are some of the top resources to help you find a calendar that’s right for you:


Get your reports in order

Part of stakeholder management is the ability to give a snapshot overview of what the ‘temperature’ is on any project at any given time.

One key tip would be to ensure that these reports are automated to the best of your abilities.

Tractivity allows you to auto-schedule reports to arrive via email as and when you need them, as well as bespoke reports that are key to your business goals.

If you can automate your reports or have an interactive dashboard, you can see problems and issues as they arise and stay on top of any situation.


Stack your communications

Effective stakeholder communication is the real key behind great stakeholder engagement and if you get the right channel and the right time, there can’t be too much of it.

The requirements and needs of each stakeholder are different but it’s safe to say most of them need some kind of regular updates.

By using your editorial calendar you can plan this in-person, telephone and e-mail communication and build these partnerships up.

We would recommend that whatever methods you take, that all the information is saved in one place.

You might think that an email conversation is nothing much - until it becomes very important indeed. Keep everything logged and stored.

You can use spreadsheets and email, but not only is this a potential GDPR risk, but this method is also fallible to errors.


Learn how Tractivity can help

If you’re struggling to enhance your communication with stakeholders because you feel overwhelmed, we can help.

Our intelligent stakeholder management software has been designed with you in mind, offering everything you need to engage and manage stakeholders in one place.

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