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Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

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Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

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EDF Energy Wind Farm
5 min read

Obtaining 100% Response Rate From Stakeholders

One of the largest UK companies in the energy sector managed to:

  • Obtain a 100% response rate from their stakeholders;
  • Log and tag nearly 30,000 issues and comments;
  • Have over 130,000 stakeholder engagements made with more than 70,000 contacts;
  • Access individual stakeholder insights and contribute to the project’s success;
  • Reduce administration burden;
  • Increase community engagement by attending and holding over 650 events.

Learn more about all the steps that were taken by EDF Energy and Tractivity with our case study:

Download the Case Study


About the company

EDF Energy is the largest producer of low-carbon electricity in the United Kingdom.

From turbines to electric cars and heating, they are committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions in the UK to net-zero.

As such, they have a multitude of projects that require the need to inform and engage with stakeholders.


The challenge

Two of EDF’s projects have a high media profile: Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C.

Both projects represent long-term construction developments that needed a solution to manage and facilitate regular and effective stakeholder engagement.

EDF approached Tractivity in response to an internal need for a system that would provide the most efficient way to manage stakeholder engagement and public consultation, prior to their submission for planning permission.


The requirements

It was key that EDF and the agencies who work with them (Newgate Communications for Hinkley Point and Newgate Communications for Sizewell) had one single system that could be used to both share and store stakeholder information.

In addition, they needed a full communication suite that would allow the team to send surveys, newsletters, updates and manage events for their projects all the way through planning to execution.


The action taken

Tractivity’s purpose-built system offered a real solution for EDF to meet stringent legislation rules in their response to stakeholder questions and issues.

As part of the onboarding process, EDF had a database of thousands of diverse stakeholders to upload, a task that the Tractivity team undertook on behalf of EDF to avoid any downtime for the team.

Once uploaded onto the Tractivity platform, EDF were able to start coordinating communions across both their projects and collating valuable feedback whilst also mapping stakeholders and tagging known issues for easy reference.

During each stage of the project, regular updates were required for each stakeholder – but not all stakeholders wanted or needed the same information.

Using Tractivity, EDF grouped their stakeholders into smart categories relevant to their needs for information and interest levels allowing them to action a precision-based communication strategy.

EDF also used Tractivity to create email dialogue by allowing stakeholders to respond directly to emails with their feedback.

This represented a significant time saving, as the use of individual systems would result in fragmented feedback and the need for manual mapping

Tractivity linked all digital and non-digital communications back to each individual stakeholder’s record, allowing a precise ‘one-to-one’ communication chain for everyone.

This ensures no valuable information is ever missed, giving EDF the ability to track and log all interactions and responses for clarity across the projects.

They also have peace of mind that they are meeting legislative guidance in response times and with GDPR-related data requests.

With one central data repository, keeping on top of KPIs is very simple, as is charting project progress and keeping accurate reports.


The results

Tractivity’s easy-to-use system has resulted in employees being engaged with the process of stakeholder management and has represented cost benefits for EDF over undertaking manual tasks such as collating reports and logging interactions.

By using Tractivity, EDF significantly reduced administration costs.

As a result, the EDF teams had more time to focus on their place in the community and engagement aims, which has helped bring the community and EDF together.

“Tractivity is simply the best option for our stakeholder engagement and management.

It allows us to easily work on projects from beginning to end with clear visibility at each point. It is designed specifically for stakeholder engagement which is why it is the best tool for EDF.

The ability to listen to stakeholders one on one is invaluable and we can’t think of a better way to do this than through Tractivity. Handling so much data and sentiment would just require so many manhours. Tractivity makes it so easy to build up a real picture of our stakeholders as individuals and respond in a way that meets their needs.

At the end of each phase of the project, we send reports as proof we have adhered to the regulations. Having Tractivity allows us to not only gather this in minutes instead of days but also gives us such a comprehensive overview of the project that we can even pinpoint in advance the need for any additional reports or data we might need to support our process during the audit.

By taking away the manual administrative burden, EDF can focus on stakeholder engagement at the heart of the communities and get out there and listen to people. It means that we can be sure we are doing the very best we can for our stakeholders by hearing from them first-hand.”

Our Account Manager and the technical support team are brilliant, they are on hand when we have questions and take the time to talk us through the system when we get stuck with something. Tractivity is constantly reviewing its system and increasing its capability.”

Immy Silby, Communications Relations Executive, Hinkley Point C


Download the case study

Access the EDF Energy case study anytime, just click on the button below to download our pdf:

Download the Case Study


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