Encourage stakeholder engagement with our new Anonymous Survey feature

Encourage stakeholder engagement with our new Anonymous Survey feature

When it comes to stakeholder engagement, it’s key to reach respondents where they are most willing to respond, whether that’s online, through email, SMS, social or even offline. However, it’s not always where you reach them, but how. Whilst undertaking surveys can be an ideal way to canvass opinion – it’s key to note that not everyone feels comfortable giving their opinion when they feel it’s being logged against their name. 

  That’s why we’ve developed an anonymous surveys feature.

Created as a direct response to customer requests for a way to encourage survey completion, the ability to create anonymous surveys ensures respondents get the peace of mind they need to be honest and direct and you in turn get responses you need to hear. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that as well as offering anonymity when your customers need it, our survey function allows you to maintain data security, whilst complying with the GDPR. All survey responses are securely stored within the UK and are always available to be accessed or reviewed from within Tractivity.

Tractivity is a cloud-based, UK stakeholder engagement tool, providing functionality to manage and engage with all stakeholders through one system. Whilst maintaining GDPR compliance, Tractivity facilitates the management of every aspect of your engagement process by securely logging communications with built-in tools such as surveys, newsletters and issue management.


  • Record and track all stakeholders and engagements
  • Case management, analysis and reporting
  • Consultation reporting of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Fully customisable and easy to use
  • Built-In survey and newsletter tools
  • Event management
  • Drag and drop custom report facilities
  • Full GDPR Compliance

If you’re interested in seeing how it can work for your business, request a free demonstration here.

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