Get the Most from Events, Without even Hosting One.

Get the Most from Events, Without even Hosting One.

When people start using Tractivity Event Management is often one that many leave to one side and feel they’ll never use. However, it can be used for so much more than just events you host, from exhibitions, focus groups, conferences to courses that you attended or even exhibited at.

No matter what the occasion, if there is an opportunity to meet, talk and engage with a group of contacts creating an event will be the best way to record and log this information. Recording new contacts, conversations and intelligence against any event is so valuable not just for you, but also your wider team.

Every event you attend will have set goals or ambitions. Whether you are trying to engage with existing contacts to generating new business, recording all information provides you with the tools to measure whether the event was a success.

Take it a step further… host your own Events

Should you wish to market and manage your own events then look no further.

From Sending branded invitations, targeting specific contacts and even setting your event capacity. Make your system do the hard work, simply sit back and watch the invitation responses update in real-time. Proving you with the flexibility to promote, resend and review your attendee list every step of the way.

When your event is drawing near, why not create branded name badges, sign in sheets and delegate lists all in a few simple clicks. Don’t worry you can update the attendee list after your event.  The system automatically creates an action against each attendee. No need for any tedious admin tasks or workarounds you will have all your intelligence stored in one system for everyone to see.

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