Introducing our ALL new survey software module

Introducing our ALL new survey software module

Our development team have been working hard on our latest software releases due for this September. One particular release that we are excited to be Including is our all new survey software module, which will allow our clients to:

  • Create surveys
  • Choose from a range of question types
  • Verify responses
  • Tag-free text answers to a range of issues (should this be required)

‘Third-party’ subscriptions will be a thing of the past. This software will be provided to all clients*( free of charge) within their annual licence subscription, alongside a brand new series of survey master classes for anyone to join.

You’ll have the ability to track responses per survey or by stakeholder. You can also view and export real-time reports to analyse feedback whenever required.

Using this survey software alongside Tractivity’s built-in newsletter and event management facilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Target any group of stakeholders by category
  • Target stakeholders by location
  • Find out which stakeholders have attended meetings.

*This release will be available to all Stakeholder management systems from January 2017

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Mark Rutter

Director at Tractivity
After graduating from Staffordshire University I joined Tractivity as a Junior Developer and can say I have never looked back since. From Developer to Director, my passion for Tractivity continues to grow as I uncover new ways to improve and grow our business.

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