Tractivity Release Version 5.4

Tractivity Release Version 5.4

We’re very excited to be releasing the new version of Tractivity (v5.4) to help you kick-start 2019! We have highlighted five features we think you should know about.

1. Email Module has been completely revamped.

With new search functionality combined with the option to copy in your team members. The email module has been re-designed to save you hours of painful admin time. You can now also blind copy yourself into any emails, with the click of a button.

2. Create your own email templates.

You can now create and save common email responses, so you do not have to write the same emails over and over. Have the flexibility to create new, amend existing and delete unwanted templates from within your Tractivity email module.

3. Automatic email SPAM checker.

To allow Tractivity to send from your preferred “from address”, you will require your IT team to set up an SPF record. This will reduce your chance of hitting spam filters, meaning you’ll reach more of your stakeholders. Don’t worry,  If you don’t have an SPF record setup, you’ll see an orange warning symbol, and all emails will be sent from,  marked on behalf of your chosen email address. Not sure how to set up an SPF record? Contact your Tractivity Account Manager.

4. Drag & drop emails.

We now have an alternative to our Outlook Integration, a brand-new email feature, Drag & Drop Email. Simply Drag & drop your emails into a folder on your desktop and then into your Tractivity system. Don’t worry, all attachments included in your emails will automatically save to your Tractiviy system too.

5. Superuser Extras.

With each new release, you will notice extra information you can record inside your Tractivity system. Furthermore, you will see a new left-hand menu titled ‘email configuration’, giving you the flexibility to change the email addresses you use, when sending and replying to your stakeholders.


Release Notes for Tractivity v5.4

These release notes provide further information on the features and improvements made within the version 5.4 of Tractivity.

Revamped Email Page

  • Drag and Drop Attachments when sending emails
  • Improved Address Book and searching functionality
  • Built-in SPF checks to help reduce emails getting marked as SPAM
  • All emails that fail SPF checks will now be sent ‘On behalf of’ the specified From address, reducing the risk of emails being picked up as SPAM.
  • Create and Edit your own email templates.
  • Ability to configure both the From and Reply-To Email Addresses.
  • Set your preferred default email addresses.
  • Email ‘BCC Me’ functionality.
  • Ability to open an email you have created within Outlook (MS Windows Only), including the recipients, content and any attachments.

Email Address Configuration (Superuser)

  • Ability to add email addresses that Tractivity users can send From or Reply-To.
  • Different Email Addresses can be used and set as default for a given project.

Drag and Drop Emails

  • Drag and drop Outlook Email onto the View Organisation, Contact and Enquiry screens. These email will be converted to Activities and any email attachments added as activity attachments.

Page Load Time Improvements

  • Various screens have been optimised, including Smart Inbox, View Organisation, View Contact, View Enquiry, View Event screens, so that content is displayed much quicker.

New Data Fields

  • Contact Notes Field
  • Enquiry Categories Field
  • Enquiry Location Field
  • Enquiry Sentiment Field
  • Enquiry Purpose of Engagement
  • Event Issue Field
  • Event Purpose of Engagement Field

Email Enquiry Functionality

  • New left-hand-menu option is available on the View Enquiry screen. Directs you to the Email screen and populates the subject line with the enquiry ID and the body with key details about the enquiry. You can then add recipients and send the enquiry details onto a non-Tractivity user.
  • Whenever you send an email from an Enquiry, Tractivity now includes a ‘Close Enquiry and Complete all Activities’ tick box, when ticked your enquiry will automatically close.

SmartInbox Updates

  • When viewing an email, the system will search for an Enquiry ID in the email subject. If it can find one, then it will flag this as a matching enquiry.
  • A new left-hand-menu option called ‘Forward Email’.
  • A new left-hand-menu option called ‘Create Enquiry’, allowing you to create a new enquiry all from a single screen.

++General Hot Fixes and Customisations

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