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Mark Rutter


Blog Post by Mark Rutter

15 November 2021 6 min read

Why projects fail at the stakeholder engagement stage (and what to do about it)

Why do projects fail? The reason may not be at the last hurdle, but often, at the first: ...
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9 November 2021 5 min read

Four Principles for Better Stakeholder Engagement

If you’ve managed a stakeholder engagement project, on any sort of scale, you’re probably ...
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30 September 2021 12 min read

Two Techniques to Improve Stakeholder Management

When we talk about stakeholder management and keeping people informed of the status of a ...
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27 August 2021 12 min read

How To Identify Stakeholders Using Social Media

A well-established and well thought through stakeholder identification plan is, more ...
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3 April 2019 5 min read

Stakeholder Management Software – what do you need?

Digital channels make collaborating with stakeholders simple and cheap. Savvy ...
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4 February 2019 22 min read

Stakeholder Engagement Plan – with free engagement matrix template

A stakeholder engagement plan is an essential element to any large or small project.
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29 January 2019 6 min read

Stakeholder Management: How To Work With Stakeholders

Stakeholder Management: How To Work With Stakeholders
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16 January 2019 3 min read

Interview with Andrew Commons, Stagecoach Group

We got together with Andrew Commons from Stagecoach Group to talk shop, learn about his ...
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13 August 2018 6 min read

Stakeholder Engagement: The Benefits of a Digital Approach

Over the past decade, developments in marketing have redefined the approach of ...
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