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19 March 2020 7 min read

Engaging stakeholders during times of crisis

In light of the stringent changes needed to protect us from Coronavirus, we wanted to share some information in regards to the importance of engaging stakeholders during times of crisis that may prove helpful. Tractivity was designed to be used from any location, at any time, by both agencies and employees.

Never has it been as essential to have clarity from across your diverse stakeholder landscape in order to minimise the risk of panic and confusion.

If you foresee a period of reduction in employee presence in the office or are already working in conditions when staff are isolating or recuperating, we would advise taking measures to look to secure extra support in the coming months, and the Tractivity system is designed to help bridge the gaps you currently face whilst representing a solid investment for the future as things begin to return to ‘business as usual’.

Tractivity is on hand to help in a variety of key areas.

Coordinating and mapping stakeholders

Tractivity allows you to categorise your stakeholders according to your own stakeholder mapping activity. As you can imagine, at the present time, your current mapping models may be ever-shifting with people moving into high interest and ever high influence. 

You may need to remap as a team – and move at speed to deliver relevant communications to these new individuals. Tractivity will allow you to upload the new categories of stakeholders into the system in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can deliver the relevant message at the right time. These changes are unlimited and at no cost, so you have confidence however the landscape changes, you can stay one step ahead.

Coordinating your teams

As your teams may become more fragmented and your office-based workforce retreats home, you can’t afford to lose key information or to skip deliverables. Tractivity is built as a cloud-based SaaS system, which means that anyone can easily log on and deliver communications, reports and manage stakeholder data just as they would back at HQ. In the coming months, this will become an invaluable way of working. The system is designed to track everyone’s usage of the system, so not only can you ensure that tasks are being undertaken, you have complete visibility of your resource at a glance.

With internet access, Tractivity is available anywhere and anytime. The UK broadband companies say they can cope with increased demand as many more people stay at home during the coronavirus crisis and they have contingency plans in place. The message is that the networks can deal with extra daytime demand.

Managing and reporting on stakeholder feedback to deliver effective onward communications and clarity 

Managing and reporting on sentiment has never been so key than in a crisis. People respond very differently to perceived threat and seek out information to stay informed. If you are choosing to switch from face to face events and meetings at this time and are moving towards surveys and email communication, Tractivity can help support you.

Tractivity allows stakeholders to respond back to your email newsletters, allowing a one on one dialogue to start. Building relationships and trust is key at this time. Using Tractivity means all these engagements are saved in the system, allowing anyone to take over and act on behalf of your business in communicating.

As well as this, Tractivity also allows you to pull out sentiments from surveys and emails, allowing you to take a ‘temperature check’ of the current feedback. This tool is invaluable when data is not simply binary, but packed with emotion.

Ensuring communication clarity 

Tractivity cannot advise you on the best messaging to take and as the expert, we know you will have a solid plan in place for circumstances such as this. However, Tractivity can help you standardise and solidify your approach, however fragmented your organisation may be at present.  It’s important that as you engage with stakeholders that you have clear guidelines on how to communicate. You should have the information you need to feel confident around the company’s business continuity and approach to safety.

By using Tractivity, your whole company and any external agencies will have access to all your communications, notes and details around your stakeholders, allowing a single point of information that is a trusted resource.

Effective reporting across a fragmented stakeholder landscape

Finally, we wanted to make a note around reporting. Feedback from converts to Tractivity show that the task of reporting using any other method at the best of times can be arduous and taxing. Now more than ever, there is no time or capacity to take days to pull reports from multiple systems. Understanding your email, surveys and general stakeholder database can be done in minutes with Tractivity, and even emailed directly as a PDF or graphic to the people who need to know. Great reporting means you can make informed decisions at pace, something that is critical right now.

We are doing all we can to make it even easier for new customers to join Tractivity at this testing time and we will endeavour to make it incredibly easy to migrate to us. We can handle everything from your data uploads through to video calls and webinars that allow the whole team to understand Tractivity and start using the software with immediate effect.

We would advise you not to delay in understanding more about how we can support your organisation. Please click here to get in touch.