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Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

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Learn why leading organisations trust Tractivity.

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electricity poles and wires in open field
3 min read

Improving Work Efficiencies And Stakeholder Engagement

The Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks deliver power to around 4 million homes and businesses across central southern England and the north of Scotland.

They are helping shape the electricity distribution network of the future, and were looking to:

  • Engage effectively with thousands of stakeholders across the network in one single system;
  • Report consistently with all stakeholders registered and visible to all users;
  • Send relevant information to stakeholders according to their needs based on segmentation into smart categories;
  • Improve work efficiency by eliminating duplication from unnecessary communications, saving time.

Read about the SSEN's challenges and how Tractivity helped tackle them in our case study:

Download the Case Study


About the organisation

As a provider of an essential service, the Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks are part of the FTSE-50 energy company SSE. They deliver a safe, reliable and accessible service to their customers and communities, putting the needs of all consumers at the centre of their activities.

They keep customers and communities connected whilst developing the flexible electricity network vital to achieving net-zero.


The situation

With two licenced areas, SSEN have an extensive list of stakeholders who are interested in or impacted to some degree by their activities, including trade bodies, domestic bodies and customers, environmental groups regulators, emergency responders and government

SSEN's old ways of working involved using multiple tools to record engagements, and this was leading to challenges in managing the outcomes.

Recording stakeholder feedback plays a big part in their engagement activity, and as they are continually looking to improve stakeholder engagement, SSEN's team decided to look for a new solution and ways of working that could bring together all their activity into one place.


The requirements

So the Stakeholder Engagement team underwent a comprehensive market audit to evaluate all the options, looking for a solution that could ensure all engagement and interactions could be consented, logged and managed in a secure GDPR compliant ring-fenced system.


The action taken

Once the decision was taken to implement Tractivity, the Tractivity team quickly started to do the heavy lifting, taking data and moving it inside the new Tractivity system.

This was then followed by training sessions focusing on how to get the most from Tractivity and how to maximise stakeholder engagements going forward.


The Results

Tractivity has equipped SSEN with the power to not only clearly report, but also to engage with the thousands of stakeholders across their network in one single solution.

The system is used to both share and store stakeholder information, while also providing a powerful communication suite to allow SSEN teams to send surveys, newsletters, updates and record events, all the way from planning to execution.

During the engagement process, updates are often required – however, not each stakeholder wants or needs the same information. Tractivity now comes into its own, enabling the SSEN team to segment stakeholders into categories relevant to their requests for information, saving time and duplication from unnecessary communications.

With the ability to track and log all interactions and responses within Tractivity, SSEN can now gather a picture of their entire stakeholder network.

Additionally, they can track sentiment, providing the team with peace of mind that they’re meeting legislative obligations, not only in response times but also with GDPR compliance.

Tractivity gives one central view of all data and stakeholders and continues to grow with the business. Initially, SSEN launched with 15 Tractivity users and now it is being successfully used by over 60 users across the organisation.


“Tractivity has improved the way we engage with our stakeholders and manage our interactions. We now have more consistent approach to recording stakeholder engagement across our Network teams.

The system gives us access to a broad range of tools and reports which ultimately means Tractivity delivers the results we look for in one system across our business.

Working with Tractivity has been and continues to be a success for us at SSEN, we absolutely recommend it.”


Download the SSEN case study

Access the Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks case study anytime, just click on the button below to download our pdf:

Download the Case Study


Discover Tractivity

Trusted by SSEN and many other clients across utilities, education, healthcare, transportation, banking and more, Tractivity stakeholder engagement software has been designed with stakeholders at its core.

Find out how you can greatly improve your stakeholder engagement, deliver powerful insights and much more with Tractivity's leading solution!

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