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SSEN and Tractivity

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks supply electricity to millions of homes across Scotland and England.

They were looking for a solution that could support and improve their stakeholder engagement programme.

The Requirements:

  1. Support continuous improvement of the stakeholder engagement programme;
  2. Reduce reliance on fragmented data capture;
  3. Improve reporting capabilities;
  4. Obtain clarity of stakeholder needs to support overall positive outcomes;
  5. Deliver value for money.
The Results:

  • Effective engagements with thousands of stakeholders across the network in one single system;
  • Consistent and clearly reporting with all stakeholders registered and visible to all users;
  • Ability to send relevant information according to the stakeholders’ needs based on their segmentation into smart categories;
  • Improved work efficiency by eliminating duplication from unnecessary communications, saving time.
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“Tractivity has improved the way we engage with our stakeholders and manage our interactions. It gives us access to a broad range of tools and reports, delivering the results we look for in one system across our business.
We would absolutely recommend it


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