6 Steps to Improve Your Data Quality

6 Steps to Improve Your Data Quality

We hear all too often that poor data quality is the cause of a CRM system no longer being used.

Although there isn't a shortcut or a quick fix to improve the quality of data, maintaining it can be achieved by implementing a few simple rules.

Here we list six steps you can follow to improve your data quality:

1. Abbreviations make searching difficult

Avoid abbreviating, as it makes searching more difficult.
It can be frustrating if each company entered into the system looks different from the next. The key is to create consistency.

2. Only use CAPITALS in the correct format

Whether information is being imported into your system via MINT or other means, take the time to sort through and edit the information before adding it into your system.
Adding information in the correct format allows you to use the data for letters, newsletters and other types of communication with no worry and ease later down the line.

3. Don’t use punctuation

Refrain from using any form of punctuation in company and contact names.
Adding "/-." will make the search more difficult.

4. Deeper searches

Get into a routine of searching deeper into your system.
Search for just part of a word or name to find all the different matches. This will help you to spot any rogue or misspelt information to be fixed.

5. Train and refresh your staff

We all need a little refresher from time to time, so make your team confident users of your system.
Once they see the importance of searching and adding information in the same format, it will become easier to maintain the data quality.

6. Maintenance

Data maintenance is a continuous cycle, requiring you and your team to update your data as you go along.
Make sure you delete duplications and update incorrect or misspelt information as and when you spot them.

Try creating your very own housekeeping rules and start seeing the difference in your quality of data!

We will be here to help you every step of the way.


Tractivity helps you ensure data quality

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